Zenbre F3 Bluetooth Speaker


Zenbre F3 Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker is awesome. The look the sound the function it’s all amazing. It was so easy to set up with the bluetooth and the connection was immediate. The sound is so good and there are so many options for playing your music, bluetooth to your device, sd card, radio and aux input. The one thing about having the radio on is you are not sure what station it’s on until the radio announcer tells you because you can’t see it on the radio as there is no display. It’s not a radio through the phone either, the speaker has built in radio. This speaker has some weight to it so you know it’s not cheaply made. It’s made of real wood and hand crafted. It’s gorgeous. There are two options light wood or dark coloured. One charge lasts up to 10 hours. It sells on Amazon.ca for $45.99

Listen here: Zenbre F3 Speaker

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