Zenzoi Fountain Pen

This fountain pen and the lovely case that comes with it are made of a nice smooth feeling bamboo. I was so excited to write with it then I realized that it didn’t come with any starter ink. It does come with an empty cartridge inside the pen that you can either refill with ink from a bottle or you can replace with ink cartridges. I bought a six pack of International size ink cartridges and they fit perfectly, they were only $3 so it’s a great deal. I just watched a video on the Zenzoi website Click here! on how to install the cartridges and it’s very simple. Just insert and shake downward a bit. Make sure you have some paper towel or scrap paper down in case any ink splatters at the start. It was quite simple and worked perfectly within a second. This pen is a joy to right with. Feels so nice and glides over the paper. Store in the case when done.  Sells on amazon.ca $39.97


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