WaterPik Ultra Water Flosser

Over the years I have always had trouble with the process of flossing my teeth.  Not that I couldn’t make it a habit but because the process it self was very frustrating.  My teeth are very tight together and I always found the floss would get stuck and tear no matter how I tried using it.  When a friend told me about the WaterPik I was so excited that I went out and bought one right away.  I picked mine up at Costco 7 years ago for about $85.  I think the price has come down since then.

It is very simple to use.  You fill the reservoir with water.  I prefer to use warmer water as opposed to cold water as I find it uncomfortable.  There is a dial that controls the water pressure that goes from 1 – 10.  If you are just starting with the Waterpik you should dial the strength of the water flow to the lower numbers.  Eventually you can progress to 8 or 10.  Start with brushing your teeth, then use the Waterpik.  You insert the wand in to your mouth, turn on the power button and let the water flow on to you teeth.  I am usually bent over the sink and have my mouth open so the water flows back out and in to the sink as you use the wand.  You will move the wand from one side of your mouth to the other side of your mouth.  Then you repeat with the lower teeth.  After you have cleaned the outside of your teeth switch the wand to the inside of your teeth and repeat the process.  You will be amazed at what the brushing alone still leaves behind.  You thought you got it all with the brushing but this will prove you wrong.   This is a great tool to have for anyone who wears braces or those of us who like to eat popcorn.The model I have has a lid that stores accessories such as extra brushes and tongue cleaner and such.  I have never had to replace the brush head since I’ve owned this unit.

I highly recommend the Waterpik to all.  I love this machine and how it makes my mouth feel.  There is nothing like it.


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