Voyager FPV Drone

Flying drones is all the rage right now for a reason. It’s so much fun! The UDI U845 Hexacopter is a cool unit. We had a blast taking this out for a fly. Makes me sad when the batteries need charging though. This unit comes with 2 batteries. One for the drone and one for the transmitter. They last approximately 10 minutes and take an hour to charge. The connections are a little difficult for small hands to take apart as some finger strength is needed.

Getting the camera and video to work was very simple and no issues. The pictures are a nice quality as well. And the unit does supply and 8 gig SD card to store some photos and video. The card is to be inserted in the drone when you take the photos and when you want to view the pictures and video then you insert them in to the transmitter for viewing.

I wouldn’t say it was “easy to use” I would say that the instructions are accurate. If you follow the instructions you will get the results that are indicated. The problem is (not with the drone but with the operator) that when you are trying to fly you have so much going on and so many buttons to press. It really takes time and effort to accomplish this task. We had several crashes and the tip of the unit cracked a bit. I suppose that is to be expected when you are dealing with plastic parts and catastrophic crashes. I was able to glue it back together with nice results. Also there is a reference to ordering parts if needed in the instruction manual.

At $200 I find it a bit pricey and probably not a good starter unit for someone who is just learning to fly. If you’re an experienced flyer then this Hexacopter could be right for you.


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