Syma X5SC Drone

The Syma X5SC Explorer drone is a cool looking drone. The box includes the drone, instructions, battery, charging cable, two usb car holders, 4 GB sd card, extra propellers and a small screwdriver. You must put 4 AA batteries in to the transmitter and they are not supplied. You have to attach the legs to the unit and also the propeller guards. The propeller guards are great for protection if you bump in to something it prevents more damage from occurring. I wasn’t doing the flying (in the attached video) on this one but my partner was able to get it going with no issues and not much time spent on the instructions. We took some pictures and video with the drone and it worked very well. Took the sd card out of the drone, placed it in to the usb card holder and right in to the computer to view. No problems and nice results. One downfall is the battery takes an hour and a half to charge and you get 5 to 6 minutes of flying. For the price of $75 it makes a nice starter drone and it’s fairly sturdy. I love the way it bounces when it hits the floor.


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