Prevue Pagoda Cockatiel Cage

I inherited my Mom’s cockatiel so we decided to purchase a new cage for him to better match our decor.   This cage is both beautifully unique and expensive.

The item was packaged very well but we still had one broken item when we received it.  It was the plastic tray insert for the bottom of the cage.  I suppose when you mix metal and plastic in the same box that these things are bound to happen.

When I assemble anything I like to follow the directions as they are laid out (unlike my significant other).  I separate all my pieces to make sure everything is included in the box and proceed to Step 1.  All and all this was not difficult to assemble but I did get upset when at the end of the assembly the feeding trays were at the bottom of the cage.  I suppose some people prefer that look but when I Googled cage images it was rare to find the feeding trays at the bottom of the cage.  So I had to take the cage all apart again to switch the feeding trays to the top of the cage.  I wish that the instructions would have been more clear at that step to let you decide where you want the feeding trays to go but the instructions didn’t even mention that.  The image of the cage we purchased showed the feeding trays at the top. I know our bird would probably starve then venture to the bottom of the cage for his dinner.  He’s kind of a chicken, so to speak.

My third complaint regarding this cage is that the seed guard at the bottom of the unit is a terrible design.  It involves four separate pieces that are held together with the tiniest screws you have ever seen.  I was so annoyed that I had to assemble and remove them three times.  One of the times I couldn’t fit the cage with the seed guard on it through the door way once it was assembled.

I contacted the company with all three of my complaints.  My first email had no response for about 5 days.  Then I sent 2 second emails.  One through their website and the second direct email again.  This time they did respond.  They sent me my brand new tray which thankfully arrived in one piece.  As far as my other complaints they just told me they would forward by suggestions to their marketing and design department for further review.

I do like the way the cage looks in our kitchen.  Our bird seemed to enjoy the spacey cage the minute we put him in there so I guess if he’s happy then I’m happy too.

Ultimately I would recommend this cage if you have the space for it.  It is quite beautiful but I wanted to share my experience.

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