Philips AirFloss

I purchased the Philips AirFloss directly from the dental office I work at so I was able to save some money.  They are selling for about $100.  I already have a Waterpik at home but I wanted something that was portable that I could take with me when I travel.  Also, another benefit to the AirFloss is that you can add mouthwash to it and not just water.

The reason I choose to use something other then floss is that my teeth are very tight together and when I use floss it tears and gets stuck and the whole process is just frustrating.  I’ve been using the Waterpik now for over 7 years and I love it.  My dental check ups are always good so it must be working.

At first glance the AirFloss looks like it would be a handy tool.  There is a charger with the unit and apparently the device will hold a charge for about two weeks.  The brush heads are interchangeable so other members in the family can use the unit but the AirFloss only comes with one brush head so you would have to purchase extra ones separately.  It has a power button and one other button that allows you to choose how many pulses you want between 1 -3.  There is a reservoir that you fill with water or mouthwash and then you are good to go.  The concept is to place the brush head between your teeth, close your lips around the device and then press the button.  The AirFloss will pulse 1-3 times depending on your selection then you move the device to the next tooth and repeat the process till you have pulsed every tooth.

My experience with the AirFloss was that I didn’t find it very effective.  I suppose if you compare it to the Waterpik it comes up very short.  Maybe if you don’t use the Waterpik every day like I do you might enjoy the AirFloss more and I’m sure it would be a welcome addition for those who just brush and don’t normally floss.  Also while using the AirFloss one time I pulled it out of my mouth and for some reason pushed the power button and it sprayed right in my eye.  I have to tell you it kinda hurt so I would recommend adult supervision for kids with this device.

Overall I would have to say I don’t recommend the AirFloss.

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