Feriwola Teardrop Glass Weather Forecast

Review Teardrop Storm Glass Weather Forecast Home Décor
I’ve been curious about these Crystal weather forecast teardrop shaped glass bulbs for quite some time. There is a chemical liquid enclosed inside the glass that reacts to outside temperatures. The size and the cloudiness of the crystals inside the glass changes depending on weather. Not sure of the science behind it. I did notice that the change is a slow progress. To be fair we have had the same cloudy weather here in Aurora, Ontario for the 2 week period that I was testing this unit. I did not see any real change over that time, as you can see from the video. The images were taken mostly on a daily basis along with a screen shot of the weather that day.
I do like the shape of this glass bulb and it definitely looks really pretty with my décor. The glass bulb is approximately 12 cm high and 6 cm wide. The company does mention that it’s main function is for home décor. If you like the way the unit looks then you can pick one up at https://feriwola.com/products/teardrop-storm-glass-weather-forecast-home-decor for $14.99
Received for a discount trough Tomoson in exhange for my honest review.

Watch my youtube review here!  https://youtu.be/2rSWOfZPuo8

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