Dyson V6 Full Kit Stick Vacuum with Bonus Kit

This past summer I acquired a cockatiel and although they are cute and noisy in a good way, my goodness they have to be one of the messiest birds. We house him in this amazing pagoda birdcage with the bottom flared to grab the mess of seed and feathers but it still seems to get all over the floor as it floats around. That’s why I needed a heavy duty vacuum to keep up with this mess. My main concern with buying a vacuum was that it had to be convenient. We have central vacuum in the house But it is so Not convenient. In fact I may go so far as to say it’s the opposite of convenient. Of course I was also looking for cordless, lightweight and powerful. The Dyson Stick meets all the requirements. There are several packages you can purchase with the Dyson V6, we ordered the Bonus kit.
I have to say I do love this vacuum and here’s why: It’s definitely a grab and go tool. It’s the perfect tool for cleaning up all the hair that hits the floor after blow drying. I mostly keep the crevice tool on the vacuum but changing it to another tool is very quick and easy. It’s wonderful for cleaning the carpeted steps. So lightweight (less than 5 lbs) you can use one hand. The soft duster tool which is part of the Bonus kit really helps with dusting the furniture and picks up the fine white dust that just seems to move around the furniture with other dusting methods I’ve tried. As far as vacuuming hard wood floors and carpets it works very well. I’m sure it’s going to be a cinch to vacuum out the car this summer.

Emptying the canister is fairly easy. Sometimes the hair gets wrapped inside the canister but I just use a plastic spoon handle or long stick to remove it. The brush heads have a lock button that you just turn with a coin and your brush come right out. I usually empty it and clean it once it needs to be charged. They recommend that you rinse out the filter once a month. It takes about a day for the filter to dry before you can use it again. Might be a good idea to order a spare so you can switch them out easily. The downside to the Dyson V6 is that the charge only last 20 minutes. There is also a “Max” button you can push for better suction but I don’t find that I need to use it too often. 20 minutes of vacuuming is not so bad but it’s more of a blip because it doesn’t warn you that it’s low. It just stops. The charge time is 3 hours. I think the plastic seems a bit flimsy but I am not sure it’s built that way so they can make it a lighter vacuum. This Dyson comes with a 2 year warranty. Though it’s on the expensive side as fair as cordless vacs go I’m extremely happy with this purchase.


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