CBD Oil or Prescription Drugs

Originally posted on instagram July 22, 2018

Not my usual post but I wanted to bring something to your attention!  Since March 2018 I've been having pain and limited shoulder mobility with a tear in my tendon.  Just woke up like that one day and apparently this could take 6 months to a year to heal, maybe longer.  My Dr. prescribed anti inflammatories pictured above.  I filled the prescription 1 time.  I would rather live with the pain than fill my body with drugs (everyday for the next year) that have a long list of side effects.

I was recommended to try CBD oil with zero thc, so I thought why not?  For those of you not familiar thc is the part of the marijuana plant that make you "high"!  This CBD oil pictured is from cartelorganix.com has zero thc!  CBD oil has a long list of benefits and from what I can tell no side effects!  Ive been taking it everyday and I'm loving the results.  My pain is way better and I have way less inflammation which definitely helps with the mobility of my arm and shoulder.  CBD oil is so amazing for so many things.  It's great for anxiety and for those that have difficulty sleeping you may find it helpful.  Please google if up for the wonderful list of benefits and try it for yourself!  I'm so happy I did!  *note:  in no way is this medical advice.  Just talk with your doctor!  CBD oil has also been successful on pets as well as awesome for seniors.  

Update:  May 7, 2019

I'm happy to report that almost a year later my shoulder pain is almost completely gone.  I still take CBD oil for other pains that creep up once in a while and if I need extra help sleeping or just to relax.  While I was using the CBD oil, I did try different brands as I was't able to always get to the same location where I purchased in the first place.  Since April of 2019, marijuana in Canada has become legal.  I think the laws for CBD oil are not exactly in place as the method to prepare it can make it chemically toxic.  It's always good to find a source that can provide lab reports and put your mind at ease.

Have you tried CBD oil?  What was your experience?

I happened to have found this great source for CBD oil.  American Hemp Oil.  They hit all the criteria for an awesome product:

Non GMO, 100% natural, Lab tested, 90 day money back guarantee, free shipping in the US, worldwide shipping, legal in all 50 states without a prescription, best pricing. 

Here is the link to Shop American Hemp Oil

By the way this is an affiliate link.  I will earn a small commission if you shop through this link.  Think of it as a tip for bringing you awesome content.


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