Brentwood Tempered Glass Tea Kettle

We needed a new kettle as our old plastic black kettle was over 10 years old and it never seemed to look clean anymore.  I picked out the Brentwood solely based on looks, I think that might be a women thing.  Our kitchen has a mix of black and stainless steel appliances and I thought it would be a nice esthetic addition.

This kettle holds 1.5 litres of water which is plenty and I don’t have to fill it up constantly.  The water mark is clearly displayed on the outside of the kettle and I am sure it would come in handy for recipes requiring boiled water.  The marks are displayed from .5 Litres to 1.5 Litres.  It has two push buttons on the handle, the top push button releases the lid and once released you call pull it up even further for easy filling and the other button is to power the unit on and off.   It also comes with a detachable power base which is always a nice added feature to a kettle.  I find the cord is the perfect length for our needs at 2′ 4″.  Any longer might be a hazard with small children around.

When the kettle is set to “on” there is a beautiful blue led light that emits around where the  lower glass meets the stainless.  It is so pretty. The kettle shuts off automatically once boiled. The unit has a easy pour spout with a mesh filter and the handle stays cool to the touch. The kettle comes with a removable stainless steel tea infuser so that would come in handy when making tea for a larger number of people.  I have not yet used it though.

I have only had the kettle for a few weeks now so I have nothing bad to say but I will keep you posted if something comes up.

Love this beautiful kettle and I would definitely recommend it.


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