Zyliss Salad Spinner


Over the years I have tried many salad spinners but this is by far the best one so far.  Most salad spinners are a fairly large size and take up precious counter and cupboard space.  If you aren’t going to use them then why keep it around.

The spinner is Swiss made and top notch.  The purchase was made at Home Outfitters for around $35.00.  It is well worth the money.  There is an inner straining basket so you just place your salad greens in the basket and rinse well.  Once done with your rinse place the basket back in to the spinner.  Make sure the unit is in the unlock position, the lever will be up.  All you do now is push down on the lever a few time and watch the spinner in action.  It takes very little effort and spins and spins till your salad has very little trace of water.  All done and very little clean up.

I admit I do purchase mostly the triple washed salad as it is most convenient for every day but for the occasions you need to wash your greens nothing beats the Zyliss Salad Spinner.

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