Yonanas Frozen Dessert Maker

If you’re anything like me you are trying to watch your waistline but have given up on diets.  I cannot follow anything when the first three letters are “die”.  Eating healthy, portion control some exercise, walking or just keep moving.  With “sitting” being the new “smoking” just get up and move any chance you  get.

Doing the best we can for ourselves should be a priority. When it comes to what I feed myself my philosophy is 85% nutrition and 15% pleasure.  That being said, I still love desserts!  That’s why I was completely thrilled when I first came across the Yonanas Elite.  The inventor Eileen McHale and her husband came up with this wonderful machine as an alternative to ice cream.  The Yonanas Elite is a kitchen appliance that turns frozen bananas and other frozen fruits in to a frozen dessert with the same taste, consistency, and temperature as ice cream or frozen yogurt without all the additives and sugar you will find in your grocery store frozen desserts.  This treat has the same nutrition of frozen fruit and at only 100 calories per serving.  It’s not too often when we can you use the term “healthy dessert.”  Since I purchased the unit this past summer (2015) it’s one of my favorite kitchen appliances.  It’s also one of my partners favorite appliances.  Every now and then he smiles and looks over at me to say I think it’s time for Yonanas.

When I was deciding on what unit to purchase I did some research online.  You can pick up the lower end model at your usual department stores for around $50 (Can.).  I went for the more Elite/Deluxe model (recipe book included) only because I read that the lower end model was a bit noisy.  I did have some problems with it around the third week of use but I admit it could have been my fault because I added some frozen chocolate Scor pieces to the dessert I was making and I think the machine just couldn’t handle it.  I sent an email out to Yonanas and had amazing customer service experience and they sent me out a new blade and two plastic seals within a week.

Favorite options for my Yonanas dessert include bananas, pineapple, blueberries, strawberries and mango.  You can always add a few chocolate chips or toppings after the dessert is prepared.  If you’re a fan of peanut better check out this Yonanas recipe I like to treat myself sometimes and make Yonanas for breakfast where I will serve it on top of a waffle or with crepes.  Remember also, it’s important to let the fruit sit out for about 7 minutes before putting it through the machine as it needs to soften slightly first.  Check out the amazing reviews on this appliance.

Yonanas Youtube Review


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