Vitamix Ascent a2300

Vitamix Ascent a2300 (Save $200)

I was recently lucky to get my hands on one of these wonderful blenders.  Let me tell you I'm in Love.  The power on this thing is just amazing.  It's almost too powerful.  Yes it's loud but all blenders are.  I'm so happy with this purchase.  I am flex-atarian so being able to make my daily green juice with added Kale, apple, celery, carrot, turmeric, aloe juice and lemon juice has added such a benefit to my life.  My cravings are virtually gone since this is so filling and so healthy.  I use the blender every day and so far I've made my own peanut butter, ice cream, almond milk, chick pea soup, squash soup.  I also used it as a food processor and added celery, cucumber, red pepper, onion and tomato.  I blended all the ingredients separately but it went by so quick. In no time I had the perfect size for a conch salad, it was very similar to salsa.  What a time saver.

The Vitamix line has quite a variety as far as price range.  I chose the A2300 because I didn't need the pre programs settings or wifi added so why pay more for those options. The A2300 comes with a 64 ounce cup.  It's so big.  Definitely great for making soups.  Not so great when making peanut butter.  I ended up buying the extra single serving cups and I do love those too.  They come in handy for the small batches of peanut butter or ice cream and for smoothies on the go.

I'm still learning about all the wonderful things I can make with this beauty.  But I'm loving the process.  I almost forgot to mention how easy it is to clean.  I just give it a good rinse with hot water.  Just two pieces the lid and the cup.  You can also add a bit of soap and water in to the cup and blend for a minute.  That gets it clean too.

The blender is listed on for $549.  If you want to save $200 (including tax,  go to the more buying options and look at the Used very good options.  The link is below.  Amazon sells these here.  That's where I got mine for $373.  It states that it might have some cosmetic damage, or damaged box.  Mine was actually not damaged at all.  It was brand new and perfect.  Plus if anything goes wrong with your order you can always return it.  With Amazon it's no questions asked.

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