Red Silicone Utensils Set

Kitchen essentials! 🍅 And nothing beats this beautiful 5 piece utensil set I was sent for review. Plastic is way out! What genius thought of putting plastic spatulas on a Hot stove top? That melted plastic ends up in our food.  Silicone is so much more efficient in high heat. It’s way better non stick and easier to clean. This set includes 2 sized spatulas, 1 nice sized whisk, 1 strain through spatula and a perfect sized basting brush. These brushes are the best when working with oil! They are also 100% BPA free! 
If you need a great set here’s the Amazon link 

***Also***I love these little food savers pictured here! The tomato 🍅 and the lemon 🍋 they are so cute and the perfect solution for storing leftover lemon or tomato. Eliminates the need for one time use plastic baggies or Saran Wrap! If your interested in getting some they’re available on my website they also have one for for green peppers, onion and garlic. So handy and so cute! You’ll use them daily! Check them out in my store or click this link:  

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