Magic Bullet

We have a Magic Bullet at our house, but who doesn’t?  This must have been the most purchased appliance in the past 10 years.  I supposed it gets top marks for convenience.  It really is easy to use and easy to clean.  Plus it helps that you can make your smoothie then drink it right out of the same cup you made it in.  Who doesn’t love one less cup to wash?

When we first got it the whole family was making smoothies all day long.  Your basic smoothie in the Magic Bullet would be about 1/4 cup of fruit (fresh or frozen), milk,  water or juice, maybe some yogurt.  That’s it.  You put all your ingredients in to the cup and place the lid with the blades on to the cup.  Then place the cup on to the base.  Make sure your unit is plugged in.  Once the unit is placed and locked down on to the base the blending will begin.  Sometimes it takes a bit of time before you will see the mixture start to blend.  This is due to the thickness of the ingredients.  If you still have some space in your cup you can try adding more liquid to speed up the process.  Also, it’s helpful to remove the cup and give it a few shakes then put it back on the base.  The cups are pretty small but it’s pretty much one serving.

At times I use the Magic Bullet for making salad dressings.  It’s very convenient for that purpose.  Plus if I don’t use all the dressing at one time I can just place a lid on it and save it in the fridge till I’m ready to use it again.  I went through a phase where I was adding butter (it’s a Paleo thing) instead of cream to my coffee and blending it in the Magic Bullet.  I wouldn’t recommend using the Magic Bullet for hot liquids.  The hot coffee caused  some stress cracks in the cups and they eventually started leaking.  We tried online to find extra cups to purchase but it was less expensive to just get a whole new Magic Bullet.  We now use the extra one at the cottage.

There are several different packaged Magic Bullet products you can buy.  The basic one would be the unit with 4 cups and 4 coloured rings, on tall cup and one short cup.  The coloured rings just allow you to colour code what cup belongs to what person.  We don’t use the coloured rings very often.  I believe the Magic Bullet advertises that you can chop, mix, blend, whip, grind.  Don’t have too much experience using the Magic Bullet to chop, whip and grind but I’m sure it’s more than capable of performing those tasks.  Overall I would say that the Magic Bullet is a useful household blender that is well worth the price.

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