Espresso Coffee Machine

Jura Impressa F50 Classic

Coffee, coffee, coffee, I love coffee and I love this espresso coffee machine.  I’ll tell you what I don’t love.  I don’t love lining up at the drive through for my morning coffee and I don’t love paying $2.00 to $5.00 every day either.  I bought this machine as a birthday gift “for my partner” a few years ago but truthfully I bought it for myself as well.  Before this purchase we were using the Tassimo which served its purpose for the convenience but the coffee is just passable at best.  Also the pods started to really increase in price from the time we got the machine till now.  Let’s not forgot that there is so much waste involved in the Tassimo process as well, the wrapping the box the pods.

What I was looking for in a new coffee maker was:

  • great tasting coffee
  • easy clean up
  • fast
  • the ability to make espresso
  • not a lot of up keep (cleaning and descaling)

The Jura Impressa F50 Classic espresso/coffee maker meets all those features and then some.  There is a water tank that holds almost 2 Litres.  When you power on the Jura the water heats up then the machine prompts you to rinse.  It also rinses when you shut it off or it shuts itself off automatically after about an hour.  After your rinse you are ready to make your coffee.  You can easily switch to the amount of coffee you want and the strength you want with a switch of the dial.  The fresh beans grind away and you get to reap the rewards of a piping hot gift from the gods. 

Your coffee is served with a thin layer of crema which is worth every penny of this purchase.  The Jura classic also comes with the side frother for heated milk and foam.  I have to say that the consistency of the foam could be thicker for a cappuccino but it does make a nice cup of hot chocolate easily.  As far as cleaning and descaling I have only been prompted to do the process 3 times in a year and a half so it’s not that bad and we use it everyday.  The Jura has so many features to mention but the bottom line is I would highly recommend the Jura.  If you are a coffee lover there is a lot to love about this machine.

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