Borner V-Slicer

When creating the Mango Thai Salad recipe nothing comes in more useful then the Borner V-Slicer. I purchased at least 3 mandolins and returned each one after trying them out before deciding on the Borner. I’m not in the habit of returning things as a general rule but we all work hard for our money. I refuse to just suck it up and let stuff sit around because it’s useless or too much work to clean or put together. Some of the mandolins I tried looked easy but I had to keep referring to the instructions just to figure them out. Also I was afraid to cut myself.

This slicer is a high quality item made in Germany. The parts all attach to each other and store pretty easily. When washing up you put the unit on safety mode and don’t have to worry about injuries. Once the blades are washed you can insert them in to the draining basket included with the unit while they are still wet and they are out of the way and can dry naturally. The unit comes with 3 blades. It is easy to switch between blades. The slicer has a vegetable holder you attach to the item you are cutting. It works well and protects your fingers while using the slicing motion. I still find it more difficult to cut the harder vegetables such as potatoes.

I purchased my unit form Amazon and it also comes with an optional bowl that the slicer fits on top of so when you are slicing the vegetables fall right into the bowl instead of the counter or cutting board. The bowl is pictured in my recipe for the Mango Thai Salad. The only con to this slicer was that when I cut sweet potato the white plastic turned a bit orange but I know you can get it in another colour or stainless steel. Love this item.

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