Bialetti Frother

This has been a welcome addition to our Jura Impressa F50 Classic coffee maker.  Even though the Jura is able to foam milk I prefer a thicker foam and the process involves more work then I like.  The Bialetti Frother makes it easier to enjoy a fresh beautiful cappuccino any time.  Bye bye Starbucks, you have been replaced!  The Bialetti Frother is easy to work with.  Basically you get a pitcher with a lid that sits on an electric base but they are not attached in any way so you can remove the pitcher at any time just by lifting it away from the base.  Inside the pitcher is some markings that tell you what the min. and max. amount of milk you will use.  You pour in your milk and press the power button.  It takes about a minute and a half for heated foam.  Once the foam is ready the red light on the pitcher will flash to let you know it’s done.  Presto, couldn’t be easier.  You can now lift the pitcher from the base, remove the lid and pour your precious foam in to your coffee.  I use a wooden spoon to remove the foam as suggested in the instruction booklet as the foam is quite thick and you don’t want to scratch the inside of the pitcher.  Enjoy!  The foam is also tasty for creating a chai tea latte. Yum!

Cleaning the unit is probably the most work involved here.  Because the milk is heated it does create a film inside the pitcher that doesn’t just wash away with water.  I suggest not letting the unit sit after performing the foam cycle as that makes it harder to remove the residue.  The instructions suggest to do another foam cycle but just use water. That seems to help clean the unit more efficiently.  Love it!

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