Bellemain Lemon/Lime Squeezer

Please don't buy the cheap version of this product?  This one is solid and will last a life time.  When using this type of lemon squeezer you need a good amount of force and some of the products out there look like they would crush with first use.  Look at the handles.  Inside and out.  These are solid.  It also has these wonderful rubber grips which you don't see on some of the cheap versions.  Also, some of the plastic versions only work on either lemon or lime.  Which doesn't even make sense.  Don't even bother looking at anything else.  You gotta get this one.  You will Not be disappointed.

I recently added this lemon squeezer to my kitchen and I just love it.  The only thing that crushes are the lemons.  

Watch my Youtube video review! Click here!

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