RUIMIO Makeup Brush Set

I was very impressed with the way these makeup brushes were individually wrapped when they arrived. Though they are nothing fancy to look at (natural bamboo) but they make up for it in the amazing quality and are a joy to use.  The brushes feel really good in your hand as well.  They have included every type of brush (12) you could need.  There are several powder brushes so you can have one for regular powder and another for a bronzing powder. The bristles are so soft and made of engineered microfiber but feel so natural.  They are softer than any of the brushes that I already own.

Also in case your looking for a great way to organize all those brushes and your cosmetics check out this amazing rotating makeup organizer: 

I have only had the makeup brushes a short time so I will keep you posted if any of the bristles fall out.  I like that the handles are shorter as they will be great to travel with and the end of the brush won’t hit the mirror when applying makeup. I already own a sponge puff similar to the one included with this set but again the one in this set seems to be softer and because of its shape gets in to curves of the face better.  The set comes in a bag that is not so impressive to look at but again it’s not about the bag. The set comes with one-year unconditional money-back guarantee and I’m 100% sure I won’t need to use it.  The price of these brushes is amazing as some charge this price for one brush.  Great brush set and I highly recommend it.



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