Invisible Bobble

I admit I have a small obsession with hair accessories. Always wanting to try the newest hair thing that will make for more good hair days. When I saw the tiny little box with the Invisible bobble that claimed to:
– be traceless
– avoids headaches
– hair caring
– non-soaking
– strong grip
– revolutionary updo tool
I thought it has to be worth the $9.95 price tag. To my surprise the little box actually contains 3 invisible bobbles.

With my first trial I wore my hair up with the invisible bobble in a messy bun all day. That evening when I removed the bobble I have to say I did experience less head hurt. Although I was more then a little disappointed when I saw the bobble had completely lost its shape and had stretched out to three times its normal size. That’s when I decided I better visit the website and find out what’s up with that. On the website I learned that the invisible bobble is a German product so of course with that technology behind it it immediately became worth the high price tag. I also learned that to get the invisible bobble back to its original shape you just have to heat it up. I dropped it in to some hot water but it didn’t do much. Then I tried boiled water and that worked immediately within a second. As soon as it returned to its normal shape I removed it and ran it under cold water. Presto it’s like magic.

My next test I took the bobble with me to the cottage. I had freshly washed hair and of course my guy wants me to take a ride on the seadoo. So I tied my hair in to a tight ponytail with the invisible bobble then we went out on the water for over an hour. Please see my pics with the invisible bobble in and what it looked like after that seadoo ride with the invisible bobble removed. Wow this thing actually works. No ponytail marks in my hair!  I’m very impressed with the results.
The invisible bobble comes in some cute colours and a few different versions. The one in this review is the original version. I will most likely try the others versions out as well. 

Ponytail with invisble bobble after seadoo ride.


After wearing the Invisible Bobble on a Seadoo Ride. This is what my hair looked like after I removed it.

Stretched out Invisible Bobble after wearing.

Invisible returns to normal size after placing in hot water.



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