Hair Straightening Brush

As an owner of several hair tools already I was thinking that I wouldn’t love this hair straightening brush as much as I do but I am pleasantly surprised. This is my new go to tool. Holding down the power button turns the unit on and then a quick press increases the temperature by 20 degrees as the digital screen flashes. Once the desired temperature is reached the digital screen stops flashing. The range goes from 350 degrees Fahrenheit to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The unit heats up quickly. I like the brush better then my regular hair straightener because I find it quicker as each stroke goes through more hair. I also don’t get the crimp marks that the iron straightener leaves in my hair. Using the brush straightener seems more natural because I am used to using a brush already. This unit makes my hair feel and look so smooth and is so easy to use. I believe it would be less damaging then a normal iron straightener as there are no plates putting pressure on both sides of the hair at the same time. Love the Bestope Hair Straightener.


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