Emjoi Electric Nail Polisher

I have naturally deep ridges in my nails but otherwise my nails are nice and strong and I have no problems growing them.  Whenever I put regular nail polish on I find that the ridges still show through the polish and I don’t like it.  I’m a big fan of having shellac done on my nails because that definitely covers up the ridges and lasts over two to three weeks for me.  It’s wonderful to not have to worry about the way my nails look for weeks at a time. When I don’t have shellac on my nails I like to give them a break for a while and let them go natural just because I believe the nail bed needs to breathe freely at times.

When I saw the commercial on TV for the Emjoi Micronail Electronic Nail Polisher I called around immediately to the nearest Shoppers Drugmart and was able to locate one at a cost of about $50.  I was sooooo excited and couldn’t wait to try it.   I thought that this polisher would be the answer to my deep ridges and leave my nails with a beautiful natural shine.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

In the commercial they show the Emjoi Nail Polisher doing a quick once over and back and the nail is left with a beautiful shine.  The box also say “Buff & Shines nails in seconds”.  Of course the old saying goes if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.  Don’t get me wrong, I still use the polisher now and again but I find that I have to use it in stages.  The roller comes with two types of rollers, a grey one that smooths away the ridges and a white one that buffs and shines. I will first use the grey roller to smooth away the ridges.  In the instructions it says to use this roller for only 2 seconds per nail.  I’m afraid that 2 seconds per nail wouldn’t do a thing for my ridges.  To get results of any kind I have to use the grey roller for much longer on each nail.  What happens is that I find the roller actually gets too hot to continue use.  I need to shut it off and let it cool before I can continue.  Once I am done with the grey roller it is easy to  switch to the white roller which is the buffer.  Again the instructions suggest to use the buffer for 1-2 seconds per nail.  Unfortunately I don’t get the results I’m looking for with only a few seconds so again I have to let it cool and use it in stages.

I do find that the polisher is lightweight and easy to hold in one hand.  It used 2 AA batteries and came with two of each type of roller.  Switching between the rollers is very quick and easy.  With that being said I wouldn’t highly recommend the Emjoi Micronail if you have deep ridges.  I would probably suggest not to purchase it and just use a regular manual nail buffer that would provide the same results.

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