Bestope Travel Folding Blowdryer

The Bestope Hair Dryer is a good looking unit! First of all, it’s Gold and I love gold! It also folds which makes it so easy to pack in your suitcase or throw in a drawer. The plug portions has a ground fault safety plug with a reset button! Where the cord is attached to the unit the cord is reinforced with extra bendy rubber so it won’t break easily. There is a small rubber hook if you need to hang the unit. As far as function it works great. The force of the air is Not overpowering. It uses a softer air which is less damaging and more moisturizing to your hair and still drys just as fast. It has a Power button, high button, low button, cold shot button. It has dual voltage and also comes with a air flow nozzle you can detach. The back does not come apart for removing of dust like on some units. The handle is well shaped and feels good in your hand. Overall this blowdryer is loaded with features and they thought of everything to make a great product.


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