Ruimio Razor Eyebrow Set

The Ruimio Razor Eyebrow set comes with 4 Razors, 2 small and 2 larger plus 8 eyebrow shapes. It was packaged in a simple wrapper when it arrived. I like the colour of the razors in the 2 purple and 2 yellow plus each razor has it’s own plastic cap. The shape of the razors feels very good when you hold then in your hand.

The premise is to find an eyebrow shape that is close to your natural eyebrow shape. You place the shape over your eyebrow, line it up then draw in the shape with an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder. Then you flip the same shape to the other eyebrow and repeat the process to the other side. The shapes are conveniently labeled so once you find a shape that works for you it’s easy to find it again the next time you need it. Then you are to remove the eyebrow hair that is outside of the drawn shape with the razor. This is actually a good idea for someone who is not so good with shaping their own eyebrows. I could see how it could be very helpful. Once I had picked my shape and filled in the area with my eyebrow pencil I liked the way they had been drawn in. I then removed the excess hair outside of the drawn area. I would suggest that you need to be very careful shaving around this area. If the razor slips you could accidentally shave part of your eyebrow off.

I received these razors for discount in exchange for my honest review. I have actually used similar eyebrow razors for several years, some purchased at the dollar store but they weren’t of this quality. Not this brand of course but I can tell you that these are a very nice quality and the price is great and they do an amazing job of removing the hair. I will order them again.

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