Become an Amazon Reviewer details from a Top 500


How I became an Amazon Reviewer details from a TOP 500

Video transcription:  Hi everyone and thanks for joining me on my first YouTube Video.  I imagine your all here to try and find out how I got all the free stuff, so Im going to get right to it.  What happened was about a year ago I decided to write a blog or a website, I started a website it’s called and the reason I started the website was that my boyfriend used to call me the gadget queen because I would buy all these gadgets all the time. A lot of kitchen gadgets.  I always liked to try the latest thing like vegetable or coffee makers or anything that I think would make my life a little bit easier or make me become more efficient or save time. So on the website I started writing reviews on a lot of the products I had in the house because there were so many of them.  And I always appreciated a good review.  When I go purchase something I will read the reviews, I think their important and they really give people some good feedback on whether or not you should try that product. So anyway I posted the reviews on my website and shortly after that I was trying to get my traffic to my site so I decided I’d post my reviews on so I started doing that.  The beauty about is that you don’t need to buy the product on but you can still write a review on it. If you do buy the product on you become a verified buyer as opposed to someone who just writes a review on a product it won’t label it as a “verified purchase”.  Anyway, when I first started doing the reviews on amazon I was about number 12000 on the list of reviewers and with amazon the lower the number the better so you know I was pretty far down there but then I posted maybe 8 or 10 reviews and all of a sudden I started getting helpful votes on my reviews.  I was shocked and surprised but then shortly after a month or two in to it I got to number about 4500 so I was pretty happy about that. That was a quick move up the ladder so then em I was approached by the first vendor and they were offering me to buy a product for 60% off. It was a power bank that you would keep in your car in case your battery went dead or to charge your cell phone or anything like that. So it was something that I wanted anyway, it was something useful so I decided to to purchase it.  They were asking $90 but with 60% off it came to about $40 so I decided it was worth a shot.  I received the unit and I absolutely loved it.  It was a great power bank, emergency power bank.  Everyone should have one in their car.  After the initial review of for the  power bank I started getting a lot of requests from other vendors.  Em, How they contact you is through email and how they get your email is on you would write a profile.  On that profile you would write things about what kind of products you have at home, what kind of interests you have, whether you have children or what kind of a computer you have or what kind of cell phone you have so that way they can base the product request reviews on what items you actually have. So at first I was getting a lot of request for doing reviews on iPhone cases and iPhone chargers.  So I think I ended up getting about 20 iPhone chargers.  I still get a lot of request for chargers and iPhone cases. Em so then I started em, I kept at it and I kept writing all the reviews and I ended up getting in to the Top 500 on so I was like Wow that’s pretty good considering I wasn’t even really trying, I thought that’s fabulous! So from there I ended up getting a lot more requests.  So right now I’m ranging in about the Top 200 and the number will change every couple of days Amazon does and update on that so whether you got more helpful votes or you’ve written more reviews the number does change. So I’m in the Top 200 and if you can go to and see if you can find me, that will be cool. So anyway I do get about I would say about  6 or 7 product requests a week and it’s different products now.  So among phone charges and phone cases I do get a lot of different kinds of headphones. So heres a few examples, heres one here, and heres another set and probably have another five more of those.  And then I did get these lovely headphones and they’re pretty awesome the quality of them this jack is made so well and it’s very long and the sound quality is pretty good on those so that was an amazon free product.  This week I also received another wireless headset and they’re actually wired or wireless and they are quite nice  and they came in this little package here and the company name is King You and I’ll just open them up quickly so you can see what they’re about. They’re’ em folding so that’s pretty cool. So yeah, it’s not just cell cases and charging cables. So here we have a copper mug it’s used to make a drink called the mosco, Moscow mule which I’d never heard of before until I got the mug and did a little bit of research on that okay so and here we have some of the iPhone cables I received and they’re actually like really nice iPhone cables, they’re braided and some of them are like 6 feet or 10 feet long so they really come in handy around the house and they’re gonna last a long time. They’re made very very well which is surprising. Em what else did I get, oh here is another power bank that is used for portable charging of you’re cell phone.  Like I love this product.  It’s such a nicely well make product. Em Here is ah em what do you call those em power supply, so this power supply does take usb’s so that way you can just plug your charging cable right in to the power bank you don’t need your cell phone charging device so that comes in handy.  Em, so sometimes I’ll get home and theres gonna be about 5 or 6 packages on my front door so I’m like everyday I get home and it’s like a surprise of whats gonna be waiting at my front door and it’s fun. Em, just this week I received ahh this nice little eye massager and I’m gonna start doing unboxing reviews on youtube just for something different so I hope you’ll join me for some of those. And this well also I received this facial cleansing brush. So I’ll be doing a review on that.  And also this week I received this beautiful drone. Now I really never had much experience with flying drones but they’re so popular right now and I really want to learn how to do it.  They seem like a lot of fun and I can’t wait to try it. This drone has a $200 value so it’s a pretty good product. Em, I have a lot more products a lot of them are like scattered around the house because I’m actually using them. Em, so what I can say about becoming and amazon reviewer is it’s been a lot of fun and exciting and getting free products is alway a nice.  It does take a little bit of work so don’t think you can just like you know get your free product and not do anything. You do have to work at it a little bit. I’ve seen some reviews on Amazon where people are like “great product, I love it”, to me that’s not really a review so but they seem to get away with it sometimes, so whatever. Em I have to let you know Amazon is starting to change their policies and procedures regarding reviews. They’re’ trying to cut bank on the incentivized reviews. An incentivized review is when a vendor will send you a product but they expect you to do a great review on it like a five star review. Now that’s not really a fair request from them. And then the Amazon customers are looking at the reviews and  they’re wondering if someone wrote that review because they just wanted the free product and they’re trying to made the vendor happy or it’s something that they truly believe in that product. When I write a review I will focus on the great things about that product but I also mention the short comings or things about the product I would like to change or things that make it difficult about that product. So the favourite items i get from doing Amazon reviews is probably the beauty products. I did get probably two beautiful sets, full sets of makeup brushes, like really good quality makeup brushes. I have received makeup in the past as well and this week I received this blow dryer so I’ll probably be doing an unboxing review on that.  So anyway, I hope you enjoyed this video and if you have any comments or questions about anything I’ve said please leave them down below and I’be be happy to get back to you. And thank you for joining me today I appreciate your support and hopefully you’ll join me for my upcoming unboxing reviews. Hope to see you then.  Thank you.    

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